The World Almanac® for Kids

The World Almanac® for Kids is the best-selling reference book for kids, with more than 3.5 million copies sold. Filled with thousands of fun, fascinating facts and essential homework help on a wide range of subjects, this full-color almanac has been completely updated with new content and jam-packed with quizzes, experiments, puzzles, games, activities, jokes, maps, Web sites, and much more to get young readers excited about learning. The World Almanac® for Kids 2014 is arranged by subject, providing timely and timeless information on compelling topics such as art, weather, museums, sports, nations, U.S. history, and more. Ideal for elementary and lower-middle-school classrooms and libraries and a joy to read for both students and teachers, this user-friendly book is loaded with need-to-know information to help kids excel in the classroom. Readers will find out what's hot for 2014 with photos and facts about favorite sports and entertainment superstars!

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Praise for the World Almanac for Kids

“Up to date and colorful enough for even the most TV- and Web-savvy kids.”

- Associated Press

“An excellent resource, and fun to browse.”

- Atlantic Journal

“Great for elementary and lower-middle-school classrooms, teachers, and students’ personal libraries.”

- Booklist, American Library Association

“A terrific book of facts, games, and helpful stuff…it makes a great addition to a back-to-school backpack. Anyone from 6 to past 60 will have fun browsing it.”

- Buffalo News

“Buying The World Almanac for Kids is quite possibly the best investment you’ll make all year.”

- Children’s Digest

“An invaluable resource for homework help, school projects, and reports.”

- Cincinnati Enquirer

“If you buy only one book for your student this year, The World Almanac for Kids should be it.”

- Detroit Free Press

“About as close to a single-volume guide to everything as you’ll ever find. Packed with information, it presents its facts with all the excitement of a game show.”

- Family Fun Magazine

“A useful tool for parents and kids alike. Topics include art, sports, computers, and on and on – all in all a nice kid-friendly version of the perennial adult version.”

- Los Angeles Times

“The answers are all here...This version of The World Almanac won’t stay on the bookshelf; it will turn up in all sorts of places, from bedside to car seat.”

- New Orleans Times-Picayune

“Answers thousands of questions.”

- Orange County Register

“This up-to-the-minute, comprehensive books is packed with information. With a kid-friendly, visually appealing format, it is designed to spark interest in learning.”

- ParentGuide

“Will keep a reader of any age entertained for hours.”

- Sacramento Bee

“Worth its weight in gold for homework help, school projects and reports.”

- San Antonio Express-News

“A perfect gift. It is literally packed with information on all kinds of topics, from computers to health to movies. Best of all, it’s got hundreds of illustrations, as well as puzzles and games.”

- Scripps Howard News Service

“A stunning success.”

- Today’s Parent

“Chock full of colorful lists, interesting blurbs, and eye-catching photos, not to mention maps, flags, quizzes, and facts galore.”

- Washington Post (2005)

“Made for your very own flat-screen, hi-def, video-game generation. Will amuse, amaze and inform.”

- Washington Post (2007)

The World Almanac for Kids is’s colorful, well written, and full of fun facts.”

- Working Mother Magazine

Published annually since 1996 and with more than 3 million copies sold to date, The World Almanac for Kids provides kids with the information they crave on thousands of subjects.

The World Almanac® for Kids is:

  • The #1 almanac designed just for kids
  • Created by the editors of The World Almanac and Book of Facts, the bestselling American reference book of all time.
  • A New York Times bestseller
  • Completely updated every year
  • Colorful, fun, and informative
  • Packed with puzzles, games, activities, and jokes
  • Filled with kid-friendly facts on every topic from animals, sports, and games, to fashion, movies, and TV
  • Great for school reports and homework help
  • Enthusiastically endorsed by teachers, librarians, educators, the media, parents, and kids


Paperback edition
  • Trim size: 6” x 9”
  • 352 pages
  • Full-color throughout
  • ISBN 10: 1-60057-177-8
  • ISBN 13: 978-1-60057-177-0
  • $13.99 U.S.
Hardcover edition
  • Trim size: 6“ x 9“
  • 352 Pages
  • Full-color throughout
  • ISBN 10: 1-60057-176-X
  • ISBN 13: 978-1-60057-176-3
  • $24.95 U.S.
10-pack Paperback Classroom set
  • Trim size: 6“ x 9“
  • Ten paperbacks, 352 pages each
  • ISBN 10: 1-60057-179-4
  • ISBN 13: 978-1-60057-179-4
  • List price: $139.90 U.S.
The World Almanac® for Kids Trivia Game
Q & A card game
  • ISBN 10: 1-60057-178-6
  • ISBN 13: 978-1-60057-178-7
  • List price: $26.95 U.S.
  • Pocket chart sold separately.
Pocket Chart for the Trivia Game
  • Item number: CD-5609
  • List price: $21.99 U.S.
The World Almanac® for Kids Classroom Kit
  • Kit includes 1 hardcover and 20 paperback copies of The World Almanac® for Kids, and The World Almanac® for Kids Trivia Game.
  • Pocket chart sold separately.
  • ISBN 10: 1-60057-180-8
  • ISBN 13: 978-1-60057-180-0
  • List price: $331.70 U.S.

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