New Bonus Content for 2009

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It’s Trivia Quiz Night Mania with THE OFFICIAL WORLD ALMANAC

In The Official World Almanac Trivia Quiz Night kit you’ll find what you need to throw a quiz night in your local pub, bookstore, or classroom using The World Almanac 2009. Each question has been carefully crafted by The World Almanac expert editorial staff and every answer can be found within the pages of The World Almanac 2009, the ultimate source for essential and authoritative facts. The book contains over 1000 pages of facts and statistics and each has been sourced and double-checked by our experts. Whether your goal is to have a fun night, draw a crowd to your bookstore, or to raise money with the use of this kit, you’re sure to throw a great party.

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside:

  • Quiz questions and answers
  • Game instructions
  • Activity ideas to separate each quiz round
  • A reproducible sign to advertise your event and/or send electronically
  • A 3-step how-to guide for creating your own questions

The World Almanac and Book of Facts