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Everything in Moderation

We're toiling away on the 2010 edition — rounding up the usual updates, sketching out some new features, and starting to argue over some of our annual "editor's picks" lists, like top news stories and the time capsule.

Gmod.jpgBut why should we have all the fun? This time around, I thought we might try to open that process up a bit, and invite readers to nominate and vote on items for these (and other) lists in the 2010 World Almanac. We're going to try using Google Moderator to gather your input: visit this link to add suggestions and give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down to other reader's ideas.

I won't promise that the final lists will be based solely on your votes, but it would be enlightening to have more reader input throughout the year — especially to see how rankings shift as new stories emerge.

So get cracking!

Link: Google Moderator: World Almanac 2010


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