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National Geographic GeoBee

0804GeoBee.jpgNational Geographic will hold their annual Geography Bee on May 21. In the meantime, they have been providing daily quizzes online. Although the Geobee is for students grades four through eight only, the questions are far from elementary:
(1) Pearls are harvested in the Sulu Archipelago, a group of islands off the southwest coast of Mindanao in which country?
(2) Yellow fever slowed early development of Fort-deFrance, the capital city of which French overseas department?
(3) Rich reserves of bituminous coal are found in Upper Silesia, a region lying mostly in the southwestern part of which country?
(4) The city of Casper, which lies near the Teapot Dome oil fields, is located in which western state?

(answers are at the end of the entry)
Remember, spelling counts. That includes full terms in the answer (not just the relevant part) and plurality if necessary.

GeoBee Challenge Daily Quizzes [National Geographic]

A nun in New Bedford's Portuguese community teaches a geography lesson (1942) Library of Congress, Hispanic Division

Answers: (1) Phillippines, (2) Martinique, (3) Poland, (4) Wyoming


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