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Memorable Moments in Sports: "The Band is on the Field!"

Here's another Memorable Moment from the World Almanac 2008—this time, an amazing final play from 1982:
"The Band is on the Field"
November 20, 1982: Univ. of California v. Stanford

With four seconds left on the clock, Stanford took the lead (20-19) with a field goal. On the last-second kickoff return California players charged down the field, as the Stanford marching band ran out to celebrate. California players shot five lateral passes, ending with Cal's Kevin Moen, who scored the game-winning touchdown by charging through the middle of the band--and knocking down Stanford trombone player Gary Tyrrell.

Of course, if you know anything about "The Play," you know that the legality of some of those laterals has been hotly contested over the years. Hit the links below for more exhaustive background and discussion of this crazy moment in college sports.

The Anatomy of a Miracle (Sports Illustrated, Sept. 1, 1983)
The Play Lives On (SportsIllustrated.com)
20 years later, 'The Play' a tough act to forget (Daily Vanguard, Nov. 11, 2002)
The Play: Bears Attack the Band (YouTube)


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