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December 1—World AIDS Day


With December 1 being World AIDS Day, I thought I would highlight some relevant statistics from The World Almanac 2008 (page 851):

  • Global HIV prevalence leveled off somewhat in 2006. But the total number living with HIV/AIDS continues to rise because new cases outpace HIV/AIDS-related deaths.
  • 40% of new HIV/AIDS infections in 2006 were in young adults 15-24 years old.
  • Women made up 48%, or just under half, of all adults (ages 15 and older) living with HIV/AIDS in 2006.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa was the worst-affected region. In 2006, about 62.5% of all those living with HIV/AIDS were in sub-Saharan Africa. The epidemic was most intense in Swaziland.

The above map shows the prevalence of HIV infections in adults worldwide in 2006. Infection rates range from less than 0.1% in the tan areas to 15%-34% in the dark red areas. The original map can be seen in greater detail here.

The UNAIDS program estimates that 33.2 million [30.6-36.1 million] people were living with HIV/AIDS by year-end 2007. Keep in mind, however, that this estimate is not directly comparable to previously published statistics. Revised estimates for 2007 and previous years were released in November, based on improved methods of gathering data and observation of populations. The latest HIV/AIDS statistics are available at the following sites:
2007 AIDS Epidemic Update (UNAIDS)
WHO and HIV/AIDS (World Health Organization)

Map: "A global view of HIV infection, 2006." Data source: WHO/UNAIDS. Courtesy of WHO.


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