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Caring for Your Chicken

OK, this is a silly one but good fodder for any holiday party banter you might find yourself obliged to participate in the next few weeks.

Via the blog of Improbable Research (the group behind the Ig Nobels) comes news of advancement being made in human-chicken relations. Poultry Internet, a project of the National University of Singapore's Mixed Reality Lab, has developed a "novel cybernetics system to use mobile and Internet technology to improve human-to-pet interaction."

The owner pets a model chicken in the "office system." The owner's touch is remotely transmitted to the chicken, who is part of the "backyard system," via a device worn by the chicken. This device, referred to as a "dress" in the project summary (but resembling a pink boa scarf in project photos), "consists of electronics that simulates touch (or haptic) sensation."

Check out the video to see the system in action.

Poultry Internet (Mixed Reality Lab, National University of Singapore)
Improbable Research blog


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