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This Day In History: Nov. 6

This Day in History

1860: Abraham Lincoln is elected president in a four-way race.
1861: The Confederacy holds its first general elections under a new constitution. Jefferson Davis is elected president and Alexander Hamilton Stephens vice-president.
1869: The first modern football game is played, with Rutgers defeating Princeton, 6-4.
1941: The United States extends lend-lease aid to the Soviet Union.
1947: Meet the Press premieres on TV.
1984: Ronald Reagan is reelected president over Walter Mondale in a landslide, taking 49 states.
1986: The press reports that to help gain the release of U.S. hostages in Lebanon, the United States has sent military equipment to Iran.
1999: In a national referendum, Australian voters choose, 55%-45%, to retain the British monarch as head of state.

Today's Birthdays

1494: Suleiman I (the Magnificent), sultan of Turkey (Trabzon, Turkey; died 1566)
1854: John Philip Sousa, composer/band conductor (Washington, D.C.; died 1932)
1860: Ignacy Paderewski, composer (Kurylowka, Poland; died 1941)
1861: James Naismith, inventor of basketball (Almonte, Ontario, Canada; died 1939)
1887: Walter Johnson, baseball pitcher (Humboldt, KS; died 1946)
1916: Ray Conniff, bandleader (Attleboro, MA; died 2002)
1931: Mike Nichols, producer/director (Berlin, Germany)
1946: Sally Field, actress (Pasadena, CA)
1948: Glenn Frey, singer/songwriter (Detroit, MI)
1955: Maria Shriver, TV journalist (Chicago, IL)
1970: Ethan Hawke, actor (Austin, TX)


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