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This Day In History: Nov. 1

This Day in History

1776: The Mission of San Juan Capistrano is founded in California.
1848: The Boston Female Medical School opens, the first such school for women.
1914: In a World War I naval engagement off the coast of Chile, German naval forces defeat the British.
1922: In Turkey, the sultanate is abolished.
1950: Two Puerto Rican nationalists fail in their attempted assassination of Pres. Harry Truman.
1952: The United States explodes the first hydrogen bomb, in the Marshall Islands.
1954: The organization later known as the National Liberation Front (FLN) begins its struggle against France for Algerian independence.
1956: In India, the state of Punjab is formed by merging several provinces.
1959: Montreal Canadiens goalie Jacques Plante invents and wears the first hockey mask.
1960: The Benelux Economic Union, a trading agreement among Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, comes into existence.
1963: In South Vietnam, a military coup overthrows the government of Ngo Dinh Diem with tacit U.S. approval.
1981: Antigua and Barbuda, a group of islands in the West Indies, becomes independent.
1993: The European Union (EU), a supranational organization, is founded as the successor to the European Community.
1995: U.S.-sponsored peace talks aiming to end the war in Bosnia begin in Dayton, Ohio.
1998: Digital terrestrial television broadcast service begins.
2002: A U.S. district judge approves, with minor amendments, the year-old settlement of a 1998 antitrust suit against Microsoft by the Justice Department and 18 states.

Today's Birthdays

1596: Pietro da Cortona, Baroque painter and architect (Cortona, Italy; died 1669)
1871: Stephen Crane, author (Newark, NJ; died 1900)
1880: Grantland Rice, sportswriter (Murfreesboro, TN; died 1954)
1935: Gary Player, golfer (Johannesburg, South Africa)
1941: Robert Foxworth, actor (Houston, TX)
1942: Larry Flynt, magazine publisher (Magoffin County, KY)
1957: Lyle Lovett, country singer (Klein, TX)
1960: Fernando Valenzuela, baseball pitcher (Navojoa, Mexico)
1972: Jenny McCarthy, actress and TV personality (Chicago, IL). Toni Collette, actress (Sydney, Australia)


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