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Presidential Veto and Override Counts

20060719_Bush.jpg Pres. George W. Bush only issued his first veto in July of last year, when he rejected a bill that would have lifted federal funding restrictions on stem cell research. On Thursday, Nov. 8, Bush faced his first upset when Congress voted to override his Nov. 2 veto of the Water Resources Development Act of 2007.

That got me wondering about the total number of vetoes he's exercised so far in his presidency. His latest veto was only his fifth, relatively few considering that Bill Clinton exercised 37 total vetoes as president, George H. W. Bush 44, and Ronald Reagan 78.

These figures, along with number of vetoes (both regular and pocket) by president since 1789, are listed on p. 441 of the forthcoming 2008 World Almanac, which is officially released tomorrow, Nov. 13.

Detailed information on what bills have been vetoed, the text of these bills, and how Congressional members voted can be found under the heading "Vetoes" in the Legislation and Procedure section of the Senate Virtual Reference Desk.

Virtual Reference Desk (U.S. Senate)
THOMAS database of legislative information (Library of Congress)
Previously: "The First 100 Hours and How to Track Them" on the GovTrack.us database on the 110th U.S. Congress

Photo: President discusses stem cell research policy, July 19, 2006. White House photo by Kimberlee Hewitt.


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