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All the Way from China

Linfen_pollution.jpg Though "China's Great Grab" dates from 2006, the Chicago Tribune special report is still relevant and thought-provoking. It examines the global consequences of China's rise as an economic giant through the flow of three commodities: cashmere, timber, and oil.

Of the three, I knew the least about the cashmere industry. Apparently the increase in cheap cashmere apparel in the U.S. correlates with greater numbers of cashmere goats in China. The goats are allowed to overgraze the land, which when combined with a long-term drought, speeds up the process of desertification. That in turn leads to giant dust storms, the effects of which can be seen all the way across the ocean, first on the West Coast and eventually into Maine.

Photo: "Pollution" by sheilaz413. Description of the photo reads "An elevated view of one of Linfen's main streets. Linfen has been named by some organizations as the dirtiest city in the world."


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