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This Day In History: Oct. 5

This Day in History

1813: The United States, under General William Henry Harrison, wins the Battle of the Thames in Ontario, defeating the British and Indians. Shawnee Chief Tecumseh is killed.
1937: In a major foreign policy speech, President Franklin D. Roosevelt proposes that aggressor nations be quarantined.
1947: President Harry S.Truman delivers the first televised presidential speech to the nation.
1960: An all-white referendum in the Union of South Africa decides that South Africa should become a republic.
1983: Solidarity leader Lech Walesa of Poland is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
2001: Robert Stevens, a photo editor for a Florida tabloid publisher, dies of inhalation anthrax; he is one of three of the firm's employees to be diagnosed with the disease, sparking an FBI investigation and a nationwide bioterrorism scare.
2003: Israeli warplanes bomb what the government calls terrorist training camps near Damascus, Syria, a day after a suicide bomber kills herself and 19 others in a Haifa restaurant.
2004: The supply of flu vaccine for the U.S. is cut in half when production is halted by British regulators amid contamination concerns.

Today's Birthdays

1703: Jonathan Edwards, colonial theologian (East Windsor, CT; died 1758)
1713: Denis Diderot, philosopher (France; died 1784)
1829: Chester A. Arthur, 21st president of the United States (Fairfield, VT; died 1886)
1882: Robert Hutchings Goddard, pioneer of liquid-fueled rockets (Worcester, MA; died 1945)
1902: Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald's (Chicago, IL; died 1984)
1919: Donald Pleasence, actor (Worksop, England; died 1995)
1936: Vaclav Havel, dramatist and president of the Czech Republic (Prague, Czechoslovakia)
1937: Barry Switzer, football coach (Crossett, AR)
1938: Teresa Heinz Kerry, heiress, philanthropist; wife of Senator John Kerry (Mozambique)
1951: Bob Geldof, singer/songwriter (Dublin, Ireland)
1959: Maya (Ying) Lin, American architect and sculptor (Athens, OH)
1963: Laura Davies, golfer (Coventry, England)
1965: Mario Lemieux, hockey player (Montreal, Canada)
1972: Grant Hill, basketball player (Dallas, TX)
1975: Kate Winslet, actress (Reading, England)


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