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This Day In History: Oct. 22

This Day in History

1836: Sam Houston is sworn in as president of the Republic of Texas.
1962: In a television address, President John F. Kennedy reveals that he has ordered a naval and air quarantine of Cuba because of a Soviet buildup of offensive missiles there.
1964: French writer/philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre refuses to accept the Nobel Prize for Literature.
1979: The Shah of Iran flies to New York for medical treatment, and the Ayatollah Khomeini demands his return.
1981: The U.S. government debt passes the $1 trillion mark for the first time.
2001: U.S. bombing raids reportedly claim 25-35 civilian victims in Afghanistan.

Today's Birthdays

1688: Nadir Shah, ruler of Persia (Kobhan, Safavid Iran; died 1747)
1811: Franz Liszt, pianist/composer (Raiding, Hungary; died 1886)
1844: Sarah Bernhardt, actress (France; died 1923)
1887: John Reed, journalist (Portland, OR; died 1920)
1907: Jimmie Foxx, baseball player (Sudlersville, MD; died 1967)
1913: Bao Dai, emperor of Vietnam (Vietnam; died 1997)
1917: Joan Fontaine, actress (Tokyo, Japan)
1919: Doris Lessing, writer (Kermanshah, Persia)
1920: Timothy Leary, psychologist and 60s guru (Springfield, MA; died 1996)
1925: Robert Rauschenberg, artist (Port Arthur, TX)
1936: Bobby Seale, co-founder of the Black Panther Party (Dallas, TX)
1938: Derek Jacobi, actor (London, England)
1938: Christopher Lloyd, actor (Stamford, CT)
1942: Annette Funicello, actress/singer (Utica, NY)
1943: Catherine Deneuve, actress (Paris, France)
1952: Jeff Goldblum, actor (Pittsburgh, PA)
1963: Brian Boitano, Olympic champion figure skater (Mountain View, CA)
1973: Ichiro Suzuki, baseball player (Kasugai, Japan)
1985: Zac Hanson, singer/musician (Tulsa, OK)


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