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This Day In History: Oct. 26

This Day in History

1774: The First Continental Congress ends in Philadelphia with a call for civil disobedience against the British.
1795: The rule of the National Convention during the French Revolution comes to an end and is replaced the next day by the Directory.
1825: The Seneca Chief leaves Buffalo, NY, the first boat to travel through the Erie Canal.
1881: The "Gunfight at the OK Corral" takes place in Tombstone, AZ, with the Earp brothers and Doc Holliday facing the Clanton brothers.
1944: During World War II, the Battle of Leyte Gulf ends in the Philippines with the Japanese soundly defeated.
1949: President Harry Truman signs a bill raising the minimum wage to 75¢ an hour.
1951: In Britain, Winston Churchill is named prime minister for the 2nd time.
1967: The shah of Iran is formally crowned.
1976: Transkei becomes the first homeland to be made nominally independent of South Africa.
1979: The World Health Organization announces that smallpox has been eradicated.
2000: The New York Yankees defeat the New York Mets 4-2 in Game 5 of the World Series, wrapping up the first "Subway Series" in baseball since 1956.
2001: Anthrax spores are found in Washington, D.C. area mail centers serving the CIA, the Supreme Court, and Walter Reed Medical Center.
2001: In an apparent targeting error, U.S. planes bomb a Red Cross facility in Kabul, Afghanistan.
2002: Russian troops attack a theater which had been occupied Oct. 23 by 50 armed Chechen militants, killing all but 4 of the terrorists, along with 120 hostages, all but 2 from the effects of gas used by the Russian forces.

Today's Birthdays

1685: Domenico Scarlatti, composer (Naples, Italy; died 1757)
1757: Charles Pinckney, politician/diplomat (Charleston, SC; died 1824). Heinrich von Stein, Prussian governmental reformer and scholar (Nassau, Germany; died 1831)
1759: Georges Jacques Danton, Revolutionary leader (Arcis-sur-Aube, France; died 1794)
1800: Helmuth von Moltke the Elder, military innovator (Parchim, Mecklenburg--now in Germany; died 1891)
1854: C. W. Post, breakfast cereal manufacturer (Springfield, IL; died 1914)
1911: Mahalia Jackson, gospel singer (New Orleans, LA; died 1972)
1916: François Mitterrand, president of France (Jarnac, France; died 1996)
1919: Muhammad Riza Shah Pahlavi, shah of Iran (Tehran, Iran; died 1980)
1942: Bob Hoskins, actor (Suffolk, England)
1945: Pat Conroy, novelist (Atlanta, GA)
1947: Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, former U.S. first lady (Chicago, IL)
1947: Pat Sajak, TV game-show host (Chicago, IL)
1959: Evo Morales, president of Bolivia (Isallavi, Bolivia)
1962: Dylan McDermott, actor (Waterbury, CT)
1963: Natalie Merchant, singer (Jamestown, NY)


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