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The Bright Side of the Moon

Moon: Apogee and PerigeeNASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day is a constant source of pleasure and enlightenment—many images are chosen just for their beauty, but sometimes timely and informative gems pop up, like today's entry about the Moon's perigee.
Tonight, those blessed with clear skies can enjoy a glorious Full Moon, (exact full phase at 0452 UT, October 26). In fact, the Moon will reach its full phase within a few hours of perigee, the closest point in its elliptical orbit, making it the largest Full Moon of 2007. ... The difference in apparent size between the largest and smallest Full Moon is quite dramatic and similar to this side by side comparison of the lunar apogee/perigee apparitions from 2006.
For serious skywatchers and casual Hubble-hounds alike, the APOD is a treasure trove of gorgeous space imagery. Hit the links below to explore the site, or subscribe to the RSS feed. NASA's official feed of thumbnail images is provided, for those who prefer a "lite" version; also available is an unofficial feed that delivers full-size images to your feed reader.

Astronomy Picture of the Day (NASA)
APOD RSS Feed (official NASA feed, thumbnail images)
APOD RSS Feed (unofficial feed, full-size images)


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