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This Day In History: Sept. 6

This Day in History

1899: Sec. of State John Hay sends a letter to countries with interests in China, proclaiming an Open-Door Policy to make China an open international market.
1901: Pres. William McKinley, welcoming citizens at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, NY, is shot by anarchist Leon Czolgosz; he dies on Sept. 14.
1914: During World War I, the first Battle of the Marne begins, halting the German advance near the Marne River in northeastern France, less than 30 miles from Paris.
1945: Singapore, occupied by the Japanese, is liberated by British troops.
1972: Nine Israelis taken hostage from the Olympic Village at the Munich Olympics in Germany, and 5 Arab terrorists, die in a shootout with police at the Munich airport.
1991: The Soviet government formally recognized the independence of the Baltic republics of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.
1995: Baseball player Cal Ripken Jr. of the Baltimore Orioles plays in his 2,131st straight game, breaking Lou Gehrig's record of most consecutive games played.
1997: Diana, the Princess of Wales, is laid to rest after a public service in London's Westminster Abbey.
2001: In a reversal of the Clinton administration's policy, the Justice Dept. announces that it will not seek to split Microsoft, Inc. into more than one company.
2003: Mahmoud Abbas resigns as Palestinian PM, citing recalcitrance from Palestinian leaders and Israeli obstruction of the peace process.

Today's Birthdays

1757: Marquis de Lafayette, French general/aristocrat who aided the Americans in the Revolutionary War (Chavaniac, France; died 1834)
1766: John Dalton, chemist/physicist and formulator of atomic theory (Eaglesfield, England; died 1844)
1800: Catharine Beecher, women's educator (East Hampton, NY; died 1878)
1860: Jane Addams, social worker/reformer/activist (Cedarville, IL; died 1935)
1888: Joseph P. Kennedy, financier/diplomat and Kennedy family patriarch (Boston, MA; died 1969)
1890: Claire Chennault, military leader and pilot (Commerce, TX; died 1958)
1899: Billy Rose, theatrical producer/author/songwriter (New York, NY; died 1966)
1928: Robert M. Pirsig, author (Minneapolis, MN)
1937: Jo Anne Worley, comedian/actress (Lowell, IA)
1939: Tonegawa Susumu, biologist and Nobel laureate (Nagoya, Japan)
1944: Swoosie Kurtz, actress (Omaha, NE)
1947: Jane Curtin, actress (Cambridge, MA)
1954: Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard (Austin, TX)
1957: Jeff Foxworthy, comedian/author/actor (Atlanta, GA)
1961: Jennifer Tilly, actress (Los Angeles, CA)
1964: Rosie Perez, actress (Brooklyn, NY)


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