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This Day In History: Sept. 25

This Day in History

1789: Congress submits the Bill of Rights to the states for ratification.
1956: The first transatlantic telephone cable is activated.
1959: Prime Minister Bandaranaike of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka ) is shot by a Buddhist monk and dies a day later.
1963: Juan Bosch, the first freely elected president of the Dominican Republic in nearly four decades, is deposed in a military coup months after taking office.
1965: Satchel Paige, at age 59, becomes the oldest man to play major league baseball, pitching 3 scoreless innings for the Kansas City Athletics.
1981: Sandra Day O'Connor is sworn in as the first woman to serve on the Supreme Court.
1988: Presidential candidates George Bush and Michael Dukakis meet in the first of 2 television debates.
1992: NASA launches the space probe Mars Observer; communication with the craft is lost on Aug. 21, 1993.
2001: Saudi Arabia, following the pattern of other nations after Sept. 11, breaks off relations with the Taliban, leaving Pakistan as the only country to recognize the ruling Afghan regime.

Today's Birthdays

1599: Francesco Borromini, architect (Bissone, Italy; died 1667)
1627: Jacques Benigne Bossuet, clergyman and writer (Dijon, France; died 1704)
1683: Jean-Philippe Rameau, composer (Dijon, France; died 1764)
1764: Fletcher Christian, Bounty mutineer (near Cockermouth, England; died 1793)
1866: Thomas Hunt Morgan, biologist and geneticist (Lexington, KY; died 1945)
1869: Rudolf Otto, philosopher and theologian (Peine, Germany; died 1937)
1881: Lu Xun, Chinese writer (Shaoxing, China; died 1936)
1897: William Faulkner, novelist (New Albany, MS; died 1962)
1903: Mark Rothko, abstract Expressionist painter (Russia; died 1970)
1905: Red Smith, sportswriter (Green Bay, WI; died 1982)
1906: Dimitri Shostakovich, composer (St. Petersburg, Russia; died 1975)
1917: Phil Rizzuto, baseball player and sportscaster (New York, NY)
1931: Barbara Walters, TV journalist (Boston, MA)
1932: Glenn Gould, composer/pianist (Canada; died 1982). Shel Silverstein, children's author/illustrator (Chicago, IL; died 1999). Adolfo Suarez, Spanish prime minister (Cebreros, Spain)
1944: Michael Douglas, actor (New Brunswick, NJ)
1947: Cheryl Tiegs, model (Breckenridge, MN)
1951: Mark Hamill, actor (Oakland, CA). Christopher Reeve, actor and disabled rights activist (New York, NY; died 2004)
1961: Heather Locklear, actress (Los Angeles, CA)
1965: Scottie Pippen, basketball player (Hamburg, AR)
1968: Will Smith, actor (Philadelphia, PA)
1969: Catherine Zeta-Jones, actress (Swansea, Wales)
1971: Hal Sparks, actor (Peak's Mill, KY)


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