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This Day In History: Sept. 23

This Day in History

1122: Henry V, king of Germany and Holy Roman emperor, signs the Concordat of Worms, thus ending the investiture controversy and guaranteeing the Roman Catholic church freedom to choose its bishops and abbots without interference.
1779: John Paul Jones on the Bonhomme Richard defeats the British man-of-war Serapis in the North Sea.
1780: Benedict Arnold is found to be a traitor.
1806: The Lewis and Clark expedition to explore the West ends with their return to St. Louis.
1846: The planet Neptune is discovered.
1911: The first transportation of mail by airplane to be officially approved by the U.S. Post Office Department begins in Long Island, New York.
1949: Pres. Harry S. Truman announces that the Soviets have developed an atomic bomb.
1952: Vice presidential candidate Richard Nixon delivers the nationally televised "Checkers speech."
1999: NASA reports that it has lost communication with the Mars Climate Observer space probe, which apparently broke up after coming too close to the planet because of a navigational error.
2001: The FAA grounds all crop-dusting planes after reports that a Sept. 11 hijacker had been gathering information on crop-dusting.

Today's Birthdays

480 BC: Euripides, dramatist (Salamis, Greece; died 406 BC )
63 BC: Augustus, first Roman emperor (Rome, Italy; died 14 AD )
1800: William McGuffey, educator and author of the McGuffey Readers (Washington County, PA; died 1873)
1838: Victoria Woodhull, women's rights/social activist (Homer, OH; died 1927)
1889: Walter Lippmann, newspaper columnist/political analyst/social critic (New York, NY; died 1974)
1897: Walter Pidgeon, actor (East St. John, New Brunswick, Canada; died 1984)
1900: Louise Nevelson, sculptor (Kiev, Ukraine; died 1988)
1920: Mickey Rooney, actor (Brooklyn, NY)
1926: John Coltrane, saxophonist (Hamlet, NC; died 1967)
1930: Ray Charles, singer/songwriter (Albany, GA; died 2004)
1943: Julio Iglesias, singer/songwriter (Madrid, Spain)
1947: Mary Kay Place, actress/writer (Tulsa, OK)
1949: Bruce Springsteen, singer/songwriter/musician (Freehold, NJ)
1958: Larry Mize, golfer (Augusta, GA)
1959: Jason Alexander, actor (Newark, NJ)


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