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This Day In History: Sept. 19

This Day in History

1676: Colonist Nathaniel Bacon, leading planters against the autocratic British Gov. Sir William Berkeley, defeats Berkeley's forces and burns Jamestown, VA.
1863: The Battle of Chickamauga, one of the major engagements of the American Civil War, is fought on Sept. 19-20 near Chickamauga Creek, in northern Georgia. The Union troops are forced to retreat.
1873: The New York Stock Exchange suffers a major financial crash that ushers in the Panic of 1873.
1881: Pres. James A. Garfield, shot in Washington, DC, by Charles Guiteau on July 2, dies in Elberon, NJ; Chester Alan Arthur becomes president.
1899: French Capt. Alfred Dreyfus, the victim of an anti-Semitic plot, is pardoned of treason by the French government.
1981: An estimated 260,000 members of the AFL-CIO and others hold a demonstration in Washington, DC, against the policies of Pres. Ronald Reagan.
1983: St. Kitts and Nevis jointly attain full independence within the Commonwealth of Nations.
2000: The U.S. Senate votes 83-15 to grant normal trade relations with China, ending the contentious process of annual review.
2001: The U.S. orders combat aircraft to the Persian Gulf, the Indian Ocean, and two former Soviet republics bordering Afghanistan, as Pres. Bush demands that the Taliban hand over bin Laden and Al Qaeda members. Pakistani Pres. General Pervez Musharraf defends his decision to cooperate with U.S. forces against bin Laden and Al Qaeda.

Today's Birthdays

1551: Henry III, king of France (Fontainebleau, France; died 1589)
1802: Lajos Kossuth, patriot and statesman (Monok, Hungary; died 1894)
1867: Arthur Rackham, illustrator (London, England; died 1939)
1905: Leon Jaworski, Watergate special prosecutor (Waco, TX; died 1982)
1907: Lewis F. Powell Jr., Supreme Court justice (Suffolk, VA; died 1998)
1911: Sir William Golding, novelist (Columb Minor, Cornwall, England; died 1993)
1912: Clifton Daniel, journalist/newspaper editor and son-in-law of Pres. Harry S. Truman (Zebulon, NC; died 2000)
1913: Frances Farmer, actress (Seattle, WA; died 1970)
1918: Penelope Mortimer, novelist (Oxfordshire, England; died 1999)
1921: Paulo Freire, educator/writer (Recife, Brazil; died 1997)
1929: Adam West, actor (Walla Walla, WA)
1930: Rosemary Harris, actress (Ashby, England)
1932: Mike Royko, newspaper columnist (Chicago, IL; died 1997)
1933: David McCallum, actor (Glasgow, Scotland)
1936: Al Oerter, athlete (Astoria, NY)
1940: Paul Williams, singer/songwriter (Omaha, NE)
1941: Umberto Bossi, politician (Cassano Magnago, Italy). Cass Elliot, singer and member of the Mamas and the Papas (Baltimore, MD; died 1974)
1946: Twiggy (Leslie Hornby), model/actress (London, England)
1948: Jeremy Irons, actor (Cowes, England)
1951: Joan Lunden, TV personality (Sacramento, CA)
1964: Trisha Yearwood, country singer (Monticello, GA)
1974: Jimmy Fallon, actor/comedian (Brooklyn, NY)


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