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This Day In History: Sept. 17

This Day in History

1631: The First Battle of Breitenfeld, an engagement of the Thirty Years' War, is fought near Leipzig, Germany. The Protestant forces are victorious over the Roman Catholic forces, and go on to occupy southern Germany.
1787: Delegates at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia vote to accept the Constitution.
1796: President George Washington delivers his Farewell Address as president, and warns against permanent alliances with foreign powers, a big public debt, a large military establishment, and the devices of a "small, artful, enterprising minority."
1862: The Battle of Antietam pits Gen. George McClellan's Union forces against Robert E. Lee's Confederate troops; said to be the bloodiest battle of the Civil War, it stops the Confederate advance into the North.
1911: C. P. Rodgers makes the first transcontinental airplane flight (with numerous stops), from New York to Pasadena, CA, Sept. 17-Nov. 5; time in the air: 82 hours, 4 minutes.
1920: The American Professional Football Association, later renamed the National Football League, is formed in Canton, OH.
1972: M*A*S*H begins its 11-year TV run.
1978: Egyptian President Anwar al-Sadat and Israeli Premier Menachem Begin reach accord on a "framework for peace" after Carter-mediated talks at Camp David.
1986: The Senate confirms the nomination of William Rehnquist as chief justice of the Supreme Court and Antonin Scalia as an associate justice.
2001: Trading resumes on Wall Street after an unprecedented 6-day closure following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11. Pres. George W. Bush says bin Laden is wanted "dead or alive;" he also condemns violence against Arab-Americans.
2002: Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi meets in Pyongyang with North Korean leader Kim Jong Il; the two nations have not had diplomatic ties since 1948.
2004: Tropical Storm Jeanne hits the island of Hispaniola, causing flooding which kills over 1000 in Haiti.

Today's Birthdays

1580: Francisco de Quevedo, poet (Madrid, Spain; died 1645)
1743: Marquis de Condorcet, philosopher (Ribemont, France; died 1794)
1826: Bernhard Riemann, mathematician (Breselenz, Germany; died 1866)
1883: William Carlos Williams, poet and physician (Rutherford, NJ; died 1963)
1904: Sir Frederick Ashton, ballet choreographer (Britain; died 1988)
1907: Warren Burger, chief justice of the Supreme Court (St. Paul, MN; died 1995)
1916: Mary Stewart, novelist (Sunderland, England)
1918: Chaim Herzog, Israeli general/president/UN delegate (Belfast, Northern Ireland; died 1997)
1923: Hank Williams, singer and songwriter (Mount Olive West, AL; died 1953)
1927: George Blanda, football quarterback/kicker (Youngwood, PA)
1928: Roddy McDowall, actor (London, England; died 1998)
1931: Anne Bancroft, actress (New York, NY; died 2005)
1932: Robert B. Parker, writer (Springfield, MA)
1934: Maureen Connolly, tennis champion (San Diego, CA; died 1969)
1939: David H. Souter, Supreme Court justice (Melrose, MA)
1945: Phil Jackson, basketball player/coach (Deer Lodge, MT)
1947: Jeff MacNelly, political cartoonist and creator of Shoe (New York, NY; died 2000)
1948: John Ritter, actor (Burbank, CA; died 2003)
1956: Rita Rudner, comedian/actress (Coconut Grove, FL)
1962: Baz Luhrmann, director (New South Wales, Australia)


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