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This Day In History: Sept. 10

This Day in History

1813: In the War of 1812, Oliver H. Perry defeats the British fleet in the Battle of Lake Erie.
1846: Elias Howe receives a patent for his first sewing machine.
1919: A peace treaty between the Allies and Austria is signed at Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France.
1935: Louisiana Sen. Huey Long, a national political figure, dies two days after having been shot in Baton Rouge.
1943: In World War II fighting, the Germans occupy Rome, Italy to counter the Allies' invasion of southern Italy.
1955: Gunsmoke, TV's longest running western series, premieres.
1960: At a conference in Baghdad on September 10-14, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, and Kuwait found the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to coordinate their policies and help sustain oil prices.
1967: In a referendum, the people of Gibraltar vote overwhelmingly to remain under British rule and to reject ties with Spain .
1974: Portugal formally grants Guinea-Bissau independence.
1989: Hurricane Hugo sweeps through the Caribbean and the Carolinas Sept. 10-22, causing at least 40 deaths and $6 billion in damage in the Carolinas alone.
1996: The United Nations General Assembly approves and opens for signature the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty banning all nuclear test explosions.
2000: The United States government drops 58 of 59 charges against nuclear scientist Wen Ho Lee. Lee had been charged with the removal of classified documents from the top-secret nuclear research facility in Los Alamos, NM.
2002: Switzerland becomes the 190th member state of the UN after its voters approved a referendum in March.

Today's Birthdays

1638: Maria Theresa, queen of Louis XIV of France (Escorial Palace, Spain; died 1683)
1839: Charles Peirce, philosopher (Cambridge, MA; died 1914)
1898: Waldo Semon, chemist and inventor of vinyl (Demopolis, AL; died 1999)
1914: Robert Wise, film director (Winchester, IN; died 2005)
1927: Yma Sumac, singer (Ichocan, Peru)
1929: Arnold Palmer, golfer (Latrobe, PA)
1931: Philip Baker Hall, actor (Toledo, OH)
1934: Charles Kuralt, TV journalist (Washington, D.C.; died 1997). Roger Maris, baseball player (Hibbing, MN; died 1985):
1938: Karl Lagerfeld, fashion designer (Hamburg, Germany)
1941: Stephen Jay Gould, biologist/paleontologist and author (New York, NY; died 2002)
1945: Jose Feliciano, singer/guitarist (Lares, Puerto Rico)
1949: Bill O'Reilly, TV commentator, host (New York, NY)
1953: Amy Irving, actress (Palo Alto, CA)
1960: Colin Firth, actor (Grayshott, England)
1963: Randy Johnson, baseball pitcher (Walnut Creek, CA)
1975: Ryan Phillippe, actor (New Castle, DE)


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