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This Day In History: Aug. 19

This Day in History

1812: In the War of 1812, the USS Constitution destroys the British ship Guerriere.
1934: In a plebiscite, almost 90% of Germans vote to give Adolf Hitler the title of president in addition to chancellor, placing him in supreme command of the country.
1951: Eddie Gaedel, a 3'7" midget, goes to bat as a pinch hitter for the St. Louis Browns baseball team; he walks on 4 pitches and is taken out of the game for a pinch runner.
1991: Hard-line Communists stage a coup while Pres. Mikhail Gorbachev is away from Moscow on vacation; they give up 3 days later.
2002: A Russian military helicopter crashes in Chechnya, killing 117.
2003: A Palestinian suicide bomber kills himself and 20 others on a Jerusalem bus.
A suicide bomber driving a cement truck attacks the UN headquarters in Iraq, killing 22 including Sergio Vieira de Mello—the senior UN representative in Iraq—and wounding more than 100.:

Today's Birthdays

1870: Bernard Baruch, financier/government adviser (Camden, SC; died 1965)
1871: Orville Wright, pioneer aviator (Dayton, OH; died 1948)
1883: Coco Chanel, fashion designer (Saumur, Maine-et-Loire, France; died 1971)
1902: Ogden Nash, humorous poet (Rye, NY; died 1971)
1919: Malcolm Forbes, publisher (New York, NY; died 1990)
1921: Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek (El Paso, TX; died 1991)
1930: Frank McCourt, writer (Brooklyn, NY)
1931: Willie Shoemaker, jockey (Fabens, TX; died 2003)
1942: Fred Thompson, former TN senator, actor (Sheffield, AR)
1946: Bill Clinton, 42d president of the United States (Hope, AR)
1948: Tipper Gore, wife of former Vice Pres. Al Gore (Washington, D.C.). Gerald McRaney, actor (Collins, MS)
1952: Bill Frist, Senate majority leader; physician (Nashville, TN)
1953: Mary Matalin, political commentator (Chicago, IL)
1956: Adam Arkin, actor (Brooklyn, NY)
1965: Kyra Sedgwick, actress (New York, NY)
1969: Matthew Perry, actor (Williamstown, MA). Christian Slater, actor (New York, NY):


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