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This Day In History: Aug. 14

This Day in History

1842: An unpopular 8-year war with the Indians, protesting their forced removal from their lands, ends.
1935: The U.S. Congress passes the Social Security Act.
1941: Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Min. Winston Churchill issue the Atlantic Charter, an 8-point declaration of principles.
1945: Japan agrees to surrender, ending World War II.
2003: A blackout leaves 50 million people without electrical power for up to 2 days in Ohio, Michigan, and the northeastern U.S., as well as eastern Canada.

Today's Birthdays

1863: Ernest Lawrence Thayer, writer/poet (Lawrence, MA; died 1940)
1867: John Galsworthy, novelist/dramatist (Britain; died 1933)
1920: Nehemiah Persoff, actor (Jerusalem, Israel)
1925: Russell Baker, writer/columnist (Loudoun County, VA)
1941: Lynne Cheney, political commentator, wife of Dick Cheney (Casper, WY). David Crosby, singer/songwriter/musician and member of Crosby, Stills & Nash (Los Angeles, CA)
1944: Robyn Smith, jockey (San Francisco, CA)
1945: Steve Martin, comedian/actor/writer (Waco, TX)
1946: Susan St. James, actress (Los Angeles, CA)
1947: Danielle Steel, romance writer (New York, NY)
1950: Gary Larson, cartoonist, creator of The Far Side (Tacoma, WA)
1959: Earvin (Magic) Johnson, basketball player/entrepreneur (Lansing, MI)
1960: Sarah Brightman, singer (Berkhamstead, England)
1968: Halle Berry, actress (Cleveland, OH)
1983: Mila Kunis, actress (Kiev, Ukraine)


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