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This Day In History: Aug 13

This Day in History

1521: Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortez takes Mexico City from the Aztecs.
1812: In the War of 1812, the USS Essex captures the British ship Alert.
1961: The East and West sectors of Berlin, Germany are divided by a barbed wire fence (the Berlin Wall), which is soon replaced by an actual concrete wall.
1981: Pres. Ronald Reagan signs a measure calling for a 3-year, 25% cut in personal income tax rates and cuts in business taxes, as well as a bill providing for sharp cuts in spending on many federal programs.
2004: Hurricane Charley sweeps across central Florida, killing 34 and causing billions in property damage.

Today's Birthdays

1818: Lucy Stone, women's rights activist/abolitionist (West Brookfield, MA; died 1893)
1860: Annie Oakley, markswoman/entertainer (Darke County, OH; died 1926)
1895: Bert Lahr, comedian/actor (New York, NY; died 1967)
1899: Alfred Hitchcock, director (London, England; died 1980)
1904: Buddy Rogers, actor/bandleader (Olathe, KS; died 1999)
1912: Ben Hogan, golfer (Dublin, TX; died 1997)
1919: George Shearing, jazz musician (London, England)
1926: Fidel Castro, Cuban president (Mayari, Oriente Province, Cuba)
1929: Pat Harrington, actor/comedian (New York, NY)
1930: Don Ho, singer (Kakaako, Oahu, HI)
1948: Kathleen Battle, opera singer (Portsmouth, OH)
1951: Dan Fogelberg, singer/songwriter (Peoria, IL)
1959: Danny Bonaduce, actor and TV/radio personality (Broomall, PA)


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