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This Day In History: July 20

This Day in History

1871: British Columbia becomes part of the Confederation of Canada as the sixth province.
1881: Sioux Indian chief Sitting Bull surrenders to federal troops.
1944: A group of German officers and civilians try to assassinate Adolf Hitler by placing a bomb in his headquarters in East Prussia.
1951: Abdullah ibn Husein, king of Jordan, is assassinated by a Palestinian Arab.
1969: After making the first lunar landing, astronaut Neil Armstrong, commander of the Apollo 11 mission, becomes the first person to set foot on the Moon; he is followed by Edwin Aldrin.
1974: Turkey invades the island of Cyprus, which Greek officers seized a week earlier.
1976: Hank Aaron hits the 755th and final home run of his baseball career in Milwaukee's County Stadium.
1983: The House of Representatives formally censures two congressmen who admitted having affairs with congressional pages, Daniel Crane (R, IL) and Gerry Studds (D, MA).

Today's Birthdays

1304: Petrarch (Francesco Petrarca), poet (Italy; died 1374)
1656: Johann Fischer von Erlach, baroque architect (Graz, Austria; died 1723)
1785: Mahmud II, Ottoman sultan (Istanbul, Turkey; died 1839)
1919: Sir Edmund Hillary, explorer/mountaineer and first to reach the summit of Mount Everest (Auckland, New Zealand)
1920: Elliot Richardson, government official (Boston, MA; died 1999)
1924: Thomas Berger, writer (Cincinnati, OH)
1930: Sally Ann Howes, actress/singer (London, England)
1933: Cormac McCarthy, writer (Providence, RI)
1938: Diana Rigg, actress (Doncaster, England). Natalie Wood, actress (San Francisco, CA; died 1981)
1939: Judy Chicago, feminist artist (Chicago, IL)
1946: Kim Carnes, singer/songwriter (Hollywood, CA)
1947: Carlos Santana, musician (Autlan, Mexico)
1964: Chris Cornell, musician (Seattle, WA)
1980: Gisele Bundchen, actress (Horizontina, Brazil)


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