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This Day In History: July 19

This Day in History

1848: A seminal women’s rights convention opens in Seneca Falls, NY.
1863: Union troops fail to capture Fort Wagner, SC; 1,515 Union troops die, in the battle that marks the first use of black soldiers in the Civil War.
1993: Pres. Bill Clinton announces a "don't ask, don't tell, don't pursue" policy for homosexuals in the U.S. military.
1999: A record heat wave begins in the eastern half of the United States; by August 1, at least 200 are dead.

Today's Birthdays

1834: Edgar Degas, Impressionist painter (Paris, France; died 1917)
1860: Lizzie Borden, accused ax murderer (Fall River, MA; died 1927)
1898: Herbert Marcuse, political philosopher (Berlin, Germany; died 1979)
1916: Eve Merriam, author/poet/playwright (Philadelphia, PA; died 1992)
1921: Rosalyn Yalow, medical physicist (New York, NY)
1922: George McGovern, former SD senator and presidential nominee (Avon, SD)
1924: Pat Hingle, actor (Miami, FL)
1941: Vikki Carr, singer (El Paso, TX)
1945: George Dzundza, actor (Rosenheim, Germany)
1946: Ilie Nastase, tennis player (Bucharest, Romania)
1963: Anthony Edwards, actor (Santa Barbara, CA)
1978: Topher Grace, actor (New York, NY)


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