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This Day In History: July 15

This Day in History

1099: During the First Crusade, Jerusalem is taken by the Crusaders, who massacre virtually every inhabitant.
1410: Poles and Lithuanians inflict a decisive defeat on the Teutonic Knights at Tannenberg (Stebark, Poland ), marking the beginning of the decline of that order.
1870: The Northwest Territories enter the Canadian confederation.
1912: Amassing 8,412 points—800 more than his nearest competitor—Jim Thorpe wins the Olympic decathlon.
1916: William Boeing incorporated Pacific Aero Products, later named the Boeing Co.
1918: In World War I, the decisive Battle of the Marne begins when the Germans launch a major offensive.
1958: Two battalions of U.S. Marines are landed near Beirut during a two-day period to prevent Communist intervention in a rebellion then in progress in Lebanon.
1974: Greek army officers serving in the National Guard of Cyprus stage a coup on the island, hoping to unify it with Greece; the action ultimately leads to the overthrow of the Greek junta.
1987: Martial law is lifted in Taiwan after 38 years.
1992: Bill Clinton is nominated at the Democratic presidential convention in New York City.
1997: Serial killer Andrew Phillip Cunanan kills fashion designer Gianni Versace outside his Miami home.
2002: U.S. citizen John Walker Lindh pleads guilty to having fought as a soldier with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Today's Birthdays

1573: Inigo Jones, England's first major architect and designer (London, England; died 1652)
1606: Rembrandt van Rijn, painter (Leiden, Holland; died 1669)
1779: Clement Clarke Moore, poet/author/educator (New York, NY; died 1863)
1808: Henry Edward Manning, churchman (Totteridge, Hertfordshire, England; died 1892)
1850: Saint Francis Xavier Cabrini (Mother Cabrini), first American saint and school/orphanage/hospital founder (Lombardy, Italy; died 1917)
1919: Dame Iris Murdoch, novelist/philosopher (Dublin, Ireland; died 1999)
1921: R. Bruce Merrifield, biochemist and Nobel laureate (Fort Worth, TX)
1922: Leon Max Lederman, physicist and Nobel laureate (New York City)
1930: Jacques Derrida, philosopher who was the principal exponent of deconstructionism (El-Biar, Algeria; died 2004)
1935: Alex Karras, football player and actor (Gary, IN). Ken Kercheval, actor (Wolcottville, IN)
1944: Jan-Michael Vincent, actor (Denver, CO)
1946: Linda Ronstadt, singer/songwriter (Tucson, AZ)
1950: Arianna Huffington, columnist (Greece)
1951: Jesse Ventura, MN governor and wrestler (Minneapolis, MN)
1960: Kim Alexis, model (Lockport, NY). Willie Aames, actor (Newport Beach, CA)
1961: Forest Whitaker, actor (Longview, TX)
1973: Brian Austin Green, actor (Van Nuys, CA)


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