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This Day In History: July 13

This Day in History

1787: The Continental Congress adopts the Northwest Ordinance for the Northwest Territory (north of the Ohio River); it makes rules for statehood and guarantees freedom of religion, support for schools, and no slavery.
1863: Draft riots begin in New York City; by July 16, some 1,000 people are killed or wounded and some blacks are hanged by mobs.
1977: A 25-hour blackout hits the New York City area, leaving some 9 million people in darkness and resulting in looting and disorder.
1985: Pres. Ronald Reagan undergoes surgery for colon cancer. Live Aid, a rock concert in London and Philadelphia broadcast around the world, raises $70 million for African famine relief.
2003: The 37-member Iraqi Governing Council begins work.

Today's Birthdays

1859: Sidney Webb, economist, historian, and social reformer (London, England; died 1947)
1934: Wole Soyinka, author (Abeokutoa, Nigeria)
1935: Jack Kemp, football quarterback, HUD secretary, and vice presidential candidate (Los Angeles, CA)
1937: Tom Stoppard, playwright (Zlin, Czechoslovakia)
1940: Robert Forster, actor (Rochester, NY). Patrick Stewart, actor (Mirfield, England)
1942: Harrison Ford, actor (Chicago, IL). Roger McGuinn, singer/musician and member of the Byrds (Chicago, IL)
1946: Cheech Marin, actor and writer (Los Angeles, CA)
1954: Louise Mandrell, country singer (Corpus Christi, TX)
1957: Cameron Crowe, screenwriter (Palm Springs, CA)


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