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Danger: Octosquid!

octosquid.jpgIt's not as fearsome as the giant squid (highlighted in The World Almanac for Kids 2008), but it's cool, nonetheless:

"It's kind of an 'octosquid,'" said Jan War, operations manager at NELHA [Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority] at Keahole Point. "It's got the body of a squid but the eight tentacles of an octopus."

. . . War, who fed the octosquid shrimp for breakfast Wednesday morning, said everyone was excited because it was still alive. "And we're also excited because we may have found a new species."

The foot-long creature was sucked up through a 3,000-foot-deep sea pipeline last week.

Scientists all agog at 'octosquid' (Hawaii Tribune-Herald)


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