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This Day In History: June 25

This Day in History

1788: Virginia enters the Union as the tenth of the original thirteen states.
1876: Col. George Armstrong Custer and 264 soldiers of the 7th Calvalry are killed by the Sioux in the Battle of Little Big Horn, MT.
1938: The national minimum wage is enacted.
1950: North Korean forces cross the 38th parallel into South Korea, beginning the Korean War.
1972: John Dean, former counsel to Pres. Richard Nixon, tells Senate hearings that Nixon, his staff and campaign aides, and the Justice Dept. conspired to cover up facts about Watergate.
1975: Mozambique becomes independent.
1998: The Supreme Court strikes down the line-item veto, which would have let the president veto parts of a spending bill while approving the rest.
2002: Telecommunications giant WorldCom says it hid $3.8 billion in expenses, in the largest write-down in U.S. history.

Today's Birthdays

1852: Antoni Gaudí, architect (Reus, Spain; died 1926)
1874: Rose O'Neill, designer of the Kewpie Doll (Wilkes-Barre, PA; died 1944)
1886: Henry Hap Arnold, World War II general (Gladwyne, PA; died 1950)
1887: George Abbott, producer/director/playwright (Forestville, NY; died 1995)
1903: George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair), novelist (Motihari, Bengal; died 1950)
1915: Peter Lind Hayes, actor (San Francisco, California; died 1998)
1924: Sidney Lumet, director (Philadelphia, PA)
1925: June Lockhart, actress (New York, NY). Robert Venturi, architect, author, and teacher (Philadelphia, PA)
1942: Willis Reed, basketball player/coach/executive (Hico, LA)
1945: Carly Simon, singer/songwriter (New York, NY)
1948: Jimmie Walker, actor/comedian (New York, NY)
1961: Ricky Gervais, writer/comedian (Reading, England)
1963: George Michael, musician (London, England)
1971: Jason Lewis, actor (Newport Beach, CA)
1972: Carlos Delgado, baseball player (Mayaguez, P.R.)
1975: Linda Cardellini, actress (Redwood City, CA)


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