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This Day In History: June 16

This Day in History

1884: The first U.S. roller coaster begins operation at Coney Island, New York.
1897: The Hawaiian government and Sec. of State John Sherman sign a treaty starting a process that leads to formal U.S. annexation of Hawaii.
1903: The Ford Motor Company is incorporated.
1933: The "100 Days" special session of Congress ends, after enacting major New Deal social and economic measures.
1963: Soviet Valentina Tereshkova, flying on Vostok 6, becomes the first woman in space.
1992: Pres. George Bush and Russian Pres. Boris Yeltsin agree in principle to reduce stocks of long-range nuclear weapons and eliminated land-based multiple-warhead missiles.

Today's Birthdays

1583: Axel Oxenstierna, Swedish statesman (near Enköping, Sweden; died 1654)
1890: Stan Laurel, comedian and member of Laurel & Hardy (Ulverston, England; died 1965)
1917: Irving Penn, photographer (Plainfield, PA). Katharine Graham, newspaper publisher (New York, NY; died 2001)
1920: John Howard Griffin, author/photographer (Dallas, TX; died 1980). Jose Lopez Portillo, president of Mexico (Mexico City; died 2004)
1934: Eileen Atkins, actress (London, England). William Forsyth Sharpe, financial economist and Nobel laureate (Boston, MA):
1937: Erich Segal, author/educator (Brooklyn, NY)
1938: Joyce Carol Oates, novelist/short-story writer/critic (Lockport, NY)
1943: Joan Van Ark, actress (New York, NY)
1951: Roberto Duran, champion boxer (Chorillo, Panama)
1955: Laurie Metcalf, actress (Carbondale, IL)
1971: Tupac Shakur, musician (Brooklyn, NY; died 1996)
1977: Kerry Wood, baseball pitcher (Irving, TX)


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