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This Day In History: June 15

This Day in History

1215: England's King John seals the Magna Carta, guaranteeing the privileges of nobles and the church against the monarchy and assuring jury trials.
1752: Benjamin Franklin, flying a kite in a thunderstorm, proves that lightning is electricity.
1775: The Continental Congress names George Washington commander in chief.
1836: Arkansas is admitted to the Union as the 25th state.
1864: Arlington National Cemetery is established.
1924: Congress approves a law making all Native Americans citizens.
2001: The LA Lakers basketball team win their second consecutive NBA title, beating the Philadelphia 76ers 108-96 and taking the series 4-1.
2002: Accounting firm Arthur Andersen LLP is convicted of obstruction of justice for its role in the investigation of its former client, energy giant Enron Corp.

Today's Birthdays

1330: Edward, prince of Wales (Woodstock, England; died 1376)
1843: Edvard Grieg, pianist/composer/conductor (Bergen, Norway; died 1907)
1902: Erik Erikson, psychoanalyst (Frankfurt, Germany; died 1994)
1914: Saul Steinberg, artist/cartoonist (Romanic-Sarat, Romania; died 1999). Yuri Andropov, Soviet leader (Nagutskaya, Caucasus; died 1984)
1916: Herbert Simon, computer and social scientist, cognitive psychologist, economist, and Nobel laureate (Milwaukee, WI; died 2001)
1922: Morris Udall, AZ congressman (St. John's, AZ; died 1998)
1924: Ezer Weizman, Israeli military strategist, cabinet minister, and president (Tel Aviv, Israel; died 2005)
1932: Mario Cuomo, former NY governor (Queens, NY)
1937: Waylon Jennings, country singer (Littlefield, TX)
1939: Ward Connerly, activist (Leesville, LA)
1954: Jim Belushi, actor (Chicago, IL)
1955: Julie Hagerty, actress (Cincinnati, OH)
1957: Brett Butler, baseball player (Los Angeles, CA)
1958: Wade Boggs, baseball player (Omaha, NE)
1963: Helen Hunt, actress (Los Angeles, CA)
1964: Courtney Cox, actress (Birmingham, AL)
1969: Ice Cube, rapper (Los Angeles, CA)
1970: Leah Remini, actress (Brooklyn, NY)
1973: Neil Patrick Harris, actor (Albuquerque, NM)


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