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This Day In History: May 24

This Day in History

1337: The Hundred Years' War begins with French king Philip VI's seizure of Guyenne from the English.
1819: The Savannah, , the first steam-powered vessel to cross the Atlantic Ocean, sails from Savannah, Ga., reaching Liverpool, England on June 20.
1822: Ecuador is liberated from Spanish colonial rule when a patriot army triumphs over the Royalist forces at Pichincha.
1830: The first stretch of railroad in the U.S. opens to the public. It runs from Baltimore to Ellicott's Mills, a distance of 21 km (13 mi).
1844: Samuel Morse sends the first official message over a telegraph line--"What hath God wrought?"--from Washington, DC, to Baltimore.
1856: Abolitionist John Brown and his sons kill five pro-slavery adherents at Pottawatomie Creek, Kansas.
1883: The Brooklyn Bridge opens in New York City.
1935: The first night baseball game is played, at Crosley Field in Cincinnati, OH.
1962: Scott Carpenter circles the Earth 3 times, in the Aurora 7, becoming the 2nd American to orbit the Earth.
1976: The Concorde, a supersonic transport airplane, begins flights to the U.S., flying from London and Paris to Dulles International Airport near Washington, D.C.
1993: Eritrea, formerly part of Ethiopia, becomes independent.
2000: Israel ends its 22-year military occupation of Southern Lebanon.
2001: Senator James Jeffords of Vermont switches his party affiliation from Republican to Independent, breaking a 50-50 tie in the U.S. Senate and throwing control of the organization to the Democrats.
2002: Pres. George W. Bush and Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin sign a treaty in Moscow which binds both nations to cut nuclear weapons forces by two-thirds.

Today's Birthdays

1743: Jean Paul Marat, radical French revolutionary journalist and politician (near Neuchâtel, Switzerland; died 1793)
1819: Queen Victoria, queen of Great Britain and Ireland and empress of India (London, England; died 1901)
1870: Benjamin Cardozo, Supreme Court justice (New York, NY; died 1938). Jan Christiaan Smuts, South African leader (near Riebeck West, Cape Colony--now South Africa; died 1950)
1895: Samuel Newhouse, businessman/media mogul (New York, NY; died 1979)
1899: Suzanne Lenglen, tennis champion (France; died 1938)
1914: Lilli Palmer, actress (Poznan, Poland; died 1986)
1928: Roger Caras, nature writer (Methuen, MA; died 2001)
1938: Tommy Chong, actor (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
1940: Gary Burghoff, actor (Bristol, CT)
1941: Bob Dylan, singer/songwriter (Duluth, MN)
1944: Patti LaBelle, singer (Philadelphia, PA)
1946: Priscilla Presley, actress and ex-wife of Elvis Presley (New York, NY)
1955: Rosanne Cash, country singer (Memphis, TN)
1960: Kristin Scott Thomas, actress (Cornwall, England)
1963: Joe Dumars, basketball player (Shreveport, LA)
1965: John C. Reilly, actor (Chicago, IL)
1979: Tracy McGrady, basketball player (Bartow, FL)


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