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This Day In History: May 12

This Day in History

1780: During the American Revolution , Charleston, SC falls to the British.
1932: The son of Charles Lindbergh , kidnapped on March 1, is found dead.
1949: The Soviet blockade of West Berlin, begun in June 1948, is lifted.
1975: Cambodian forces seize the U.S. merchant ship Mayaguez in the Gulf of Siam.
2003: Four al-Qaeda-instigated bomb attacks kill 34 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, including 9 Americans.

Today's Birthdays

1626: Louis Hennepin, Flemish Recollect friar and explorer in North America (Ath--now in Belgium; died 1705?)
1812: Edward Lear, artist/author of light verse (Highgate, England; died 1888)
1820: Florence Nightingale, nurse and public health activist (Florence, Italy; died 1910)
1828: Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Pre-Raphaelite poet/painter (Britain; died 1882)
1842: Jules Massenet, composer (France; died 1912)
1850: Henry Cabot Lodge, politician/historian (Boston, MA; died 1924)
1880: Lincoln Ellsworth, explorer and engineer (Chicago, IL; died 1951)
1907: Katharine Hepburn, actress (Hartford, CT; died 2003)
1918: Julius Rosenberg, convicted spy executed for espionage (New York, NY; died 1953)
1925: Yogi Berra, baseball player/manager (St. Louis, MO)
1928: Burt Bacharach, songwriter (Kansas City, MO)
1936: Tom Snyder, broadcast journalist/TV personality (Milwaukee, WI). Frank Stella, artist (Malden, MA)
1937: George Carlin, comedian (New York, NY)
1948: Steve Winwood, musician/singer (Birmingham, England)
1950: Bruce Boxleitner, actor (Elgin, IL). Gabriel Byrne, actor (Dublin, Ireland)
1962: Emilio Estevez, actor (New York, NY)
1971: Sofia Coppola, director (New York, NY)
1973: MacKenzie Astin, actor (Los Angeles, CA)
1978: Jason Biggs, actor (Hasbrouck Heights, NJ)


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