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Major League Baseball: Salary vs. Performance

teams.jpgIt's always good when your boss sends you a link to check out while at work. It feels sort of like a company-sanctioned recess period. C. Alan Joyce, a man with an abnormal passion for visual representations of numerical data, sent this link over to me the other day knowing full well that I’d be amused. It’s a table that shows team salary vs. performance for all Major League Baseball teams. You can see which teams are getting a good return on the dollars they spent, and which aren’t.

For those of you who have partaken in debates over whether or not MLB needs a salary cap, this is a good table to reference. One thing to note: team salaries change during the season, so the salaries given in the table may not be the most current. However, they’re never that far off and they don’t take away from the overall point of the table.

Salary vs. Performance in Major League Baseball

[Ed. note: Go Mets! -CAJ]


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