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Lingering Questions on Climate Change?

sunset.jpgIt’s tough keeping track of all the numbers and data surrounding climate change. It’s even a little tough for me sometimes, a person who has to sift through this stuff week in and week out. There’s always some new crackpot theory or vital piece of research popping up. So for those of you either somewhat confused by or not quite sure about the many facts and myths surrounding climate change, here’s a great article that addresses the “26 most common climate myths and misconceptions," including:

  • It's too cold where I live - warming will be great
  • CO2 isn't the most important greenhouse gas
  • The oceans are cooling
  • It was warmer during the Medieval period, with vineyards in England
  • Mars and Pluto are warming too
  • Many leading scientists question climate change
  • Polar bear numbers are increasing

Good stuff there for both the expert and lay person.

Link: “Climate Change: A Guide for the Perplexed,” May 16, 2007, NewScientist.com.

Image from watch4u's Flickr stream.


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