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This Day In History: Apr. 6

This Day in History

1199: King Richard the Lionhearted is killed at the siege of a castle in France.
1793: During the French Revolution, the Committee of Public Safety becomes the executive organ of the republic, and the period known as the "Reign of Terror" begins.
1814: Napoleon abdicates as emperor of France, accepting exile on Elba.
1830: The Mormon church is organized by Joseph Smith in Fayette, NY.
1862: The Battle of Shiloh, an engagement of the American Civil War fought near Savannah, Tennessee, begins. It ends inconclusively the next day with more than 10,000 casualties on either side.
1866: The Grand Army of the Republic, an American patriotic organization composed of Union veterans of the American Civil War, is founded. It lasts until 1956.
1896: After a lapse of 1,500 years, the first modern Olympic Games open in Athens, Greece.
1909: Admiral Robert E. Peary claims to have reached the North Pole, accompanied by Matthew Henson, a black man, and 4 Eskimos.
1917: The United States officially enters World War I, declaring war on Germany.
1924: The first successful flight (with stops) completely around the world begins.
1941: During World War II, German operations against Greece and Yugoslavia begin.
1947: The first Tony Awards are presented for theatrical achievements.
1980: The NHL 's Gordie Howe plays in his final game at the age of 51.
2005: Kurdish leader Jalal Talabani becomes the Iraqi president; Shiite Arab Ibrahim al-Jaafari is named premier the next day.

Today's Birthdays

1483: Raphael (Sanzio), painter/architect (Urbino, Italy; died 1520)
1866: Lincoln Steffens, journalist (San Francisco, CA; died 1936)
1870: Oskar Straus, composer (Austria; died 1954)
1892: Lowell Thomas, traveler/broadcaster/journalist (Woodington, OH; died 1981)
1927: Gerry Mulligan, jazz saxophonist (New York, NY; died 1996)
1928: James D. Watson, biochemist and codiscoverer of the structure of DNA (El Paso, TX)
1929: André Previn, composer/conductor (Berlin, Germany)
1937: Merle Haggard, singer/songwriter (Bakersfield, CA). Billy Dee Williams, actor (New York, NY):
1942: Barry Levinson, director (Baltimore, MD)
1947: John Ratzenberger, actor (Bridgeport, CT)
1952: Marilu Henner, actress (Chicago, IL)
1969: Bret Boone, baseball player (El Cajon, CA). Paul Rudd, actor (Passaic, NJ):
1975: Zach Braff, actor (South Orange, NJ)
1976: Candace Cameron, actress (Canoga Park, CA)


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