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This Day In History: Apr. 3

This Day in History

1860: The first Pony Express run begins when a rider leaves St. Joseph, MO, bound for Sacramento, CA.
1865: The Confederate capital of Richmond, VA, surrenders to Union troops during the Civil War.
1882: Jesse James is killed by his cousin Robert Ford.
1918: On behalf of the American people, the House of Representatives accepts "The American's Creed" written by William Tyler Page.
1920: Writer F. Scott Fitzgerald marries Zelda Sayre in New York City.
1933: Two airplanes, manned by British crews, fly over the top of Mt. Everest for the first time.
1936: Bruno Hauptmann is executed for the 1932 kidnapping and murder of the son of Charles Lindbergh.
1948: President Harry Truman signs the Marshall Plan, a program designed to help rebuild war-torn Europe.
1949: Israel and Jordan sign an armistice, recognizing each other's holdings in Jerusalem.
1982: In retaliation for Argentina's invasion of the Falkland Islands , British Prime Min. Margaret Thatcher orders a large force to the colony.
1996: Theodore Kaczynski is arrested in Montana in the Unabomber case. Commerce Sec. Ron Brown is killed in a plane crash in Croatia.
2004: Four suspects in the Madrid train bombings kill themselves with a bomb after police surround their apartment in a suburb of the Spanish capital.

Today's Birthdays

1783: Washington Irving, author (New York, NY; died 1859)
1823: William March Tweed, political boss of New York City's ""Tweed Ring"" (New York, NY; died 1878)
1893: Leslie Howard, actor (London, England; died 1943)
1898: Henry Luce, editor/publisher (Penglai, China; died 1967)
1904: Sally Rand, dancer/actress (Hickory County, MO; died 1979)
1924: Marlon Brando, actor (Omaha, NE; died 2004). Doris Day, actress/singer (Cincinnati, OH)
1926: Virgil ""Gus"" Grissom, astronaut who died in a fire during a simulation aboard Apollo 1 (Mitchell, IN; died 1967)
1930: Helmut Kohl, former German chancellor (Ludwigshafen, Germany)
1934: Jane Goodall, anthropologist (London, England)
1942: Marsha Mason, actress (St. Louis, MO). Wayne Newton, singer (Norfolk, VA):
1944: Tony Orlando, singer (New York, NY)
1948: Carlos Salinas de Gortari, former Mexican pres. (Mexico City, Mexico)
1958: Alec Baldwin, actor (Massapequa, NY)
1959: David Hyde Pierce, actor (Albany, NY)
1961: Eddie Murphy, actor/comedian (Brooklyn, NY)
1971: Picabo Street, Olympic champion skier (Triumph, ID)
1972: Jennie Garth, actress (Champaign, IL)
1986: Amanda Bynes, actress (Thousand Oaks, CA)


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