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This Day In History: Apr. 25

This Day in History

1859: Work began on the Suez Canal.
1862: Union troops under David Farragut capture New Orleans, LA.
1915: Allied troops in World War I begin the disastrous invasion of the Gallipoli Peninsula.
1945: U.S. and Soviet troops meet on the Elbe River in Germany. Delegates from 50 nations meet in San Francisco for what is officially known as the United Nations Conference on International Organization. Over two months, they draw up the United Nations charter.
1953: A journal article by scientists James D. Watson and Francis Crick describes the structure of DNA for the first time.
1959: The St. Lawrence Seaway opens.
1982: In accordance with the 1979 Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty, the last Israeli soldiers withdraw from the Sinai peninsula.
1995: A strike by major league baseball players, begun in August 1994, finally ends.
2003: Talks between U.S. and North Korean officials in Beijing, China, about nuclear weapons break down.

Today's Birthdays

1284: Edward II, Plantagenet king of England (Caernarvon, Wales; died 1327)
1599: Oliver Cromwell, leader of the parliamentary forces in the English civil war (Britain; died 1658)
1874: Guglielmo Marconi, inventor of wireless telegraphy (Bologna, Italy; died 1937)
1906: William J. Brennan Jr., Supreme Court justice (Newark, NJ; died 1997)
1908: Edward R. Murrow, journalist (Greensboro, NC; died 1965)
1918: Ella Fitzgerald, jazz singer (Newport News, VA; died 1996)
1920: Robert Q. Lewis, comedian/TV personality (New York, NY; died 1991)
1923: Melissa Hayden, ballerina (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
1930: Paul Mazursky, director/writer (Brooklyn, NY)
1932: Meadowlark Lemon, basketball player and Harlem Globetrotter (Lexington, SC)
1940: Al Pacino, actor (New York, NY)
1946: Talia Shire, actress (New York, NY)
1964: Hank Azaria, actor (Forest Hills, NY)
1969: Renee Zellweger, actress (Katy, TX)
1970: Jason Lee, actor/pro skateboarder (Huntington Beach, CA)
1976: Tim Duncan, basketball player (St. Croix, Virgin Islands)


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