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This Day In History: Apr. 21

This Day in History

1836: Gen. Sam Houston's Texans defeat the Mexicans in the Battle of San Jacinto, winning Texas its independence.
1855: The first railroad train crosses the Mississippi on the river's first bridge, from Rock Island, IL, to Davenport, IA.
1918: The Red Baron-- German flying ace Baron Manfred von Richtofen--is shot down and killed during World War I's Battle of the Somme.
1960: The U.S. Congress approves a strong voting rights act. The new city of Brasilia officially became Brazil's capital.
1967: In Greece, a group of army officers overthrow the government and seize power.
1971: François ("Papa Doc") Duvalier, president for life of Haiti, dies and is succeeded by his son.

Today's Birthdays

1671: John Law, Scottish financier and speculator (Edinburgh, Scotland; died 1729)
1782: Friedrich Froebel, educator who invented kindergarten (Oberweissbach, Germany; died 1852)
1816: Charlotte Bronte, novelist (Hartshead, Yorkshire, England; died 1855)
1838: John Muir, naturalist/explorer/conservationist (Dunbar, Scotland; died 1914)
1864: Max Weber, sociologist (Germany; died 1920)
1915: Anthony Quinn, actor (Chihuahua, Mexico; died 2001)
1926: Queen Elizabeth II, queen of the United Kingdom (London, England)
1930: Silvana Mangano, actress (Rome, Italy; died 1989)
1932: Elaine May, actress/writer/director (Philadelphia, PA)
1935: Charles Grodin, actor/TV personality (Pittsburgh, PA). Thomas Kean, 9-11 commission chair, Drew Univ. pres., former NJ gov. (New York, NY)
1947: Iggy Pop, singer (Ann Arbor, MI)
1949: Patti LuPone, actress/singer (Northport, NY)
1951: Tony Danza, actor (New York, NY)
1958: Andie MacDowell, actress/model (Gaffney, SC)
1959: Robert Smith, musician (Blackpool, England)
1961: Don Mattingly, baseball player (Evansville, IN)


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