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This Day In History: Apr. 10

This Day in History

1606: The Virginia Company and the Plymouth Company are chartered to colonize in North America.
1862: During the Civil War, Fort Pulaski, near Savannah, Georgia, is bombarded by a Union force using rifled cannons, a type of weapon never before used in combat. The fort is extensively damaged. On President Abraham Lincoln's initiative, Congress declares the federal government will compensate slave owners who free their slaves.:
1896: Greek runner Spiridon Louis wins the gold medal in the first modern Olympic marathon, in Athens, Greece.
1916: Golfer Jim Barnes wins the first PGA championship.
1933: The U.S. government creates the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) to put unemployed young men to work.
1942: Japanese soldiers herd American and Filipino prisoners together to begin the Bataan Death March.
1945: Allied troops enter and liberate the Buchenwald concentration camp near Weimar, Germany.
1963: The USS Thresher, a nuclear submarine, is lost with 129 men aboard during deep-diving tests in the Atlantic about 200 miles east of Boston.
1972: Famed film comedian and director Charlie Chaplin receives an honorary Oscar.
1996: Pres. Bill Clinton vetoes a bill that would have banned "partial-birth" abortions.
1998: A "Good Friday accord" is announced on solving the long dispute over the future of Northern Ireland.
2003: North Korea formally withdraws from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

Today's Birthdays

1336: Tamerlane, Turkoman Mongol conqueror. (Kesh in Transoxania--present-day Shakhrisyabz, Uzbekistan; died 1405)
1583: Hugo Grotius, Dutch jurist, humanist, and statesman. (Delft, Holland; died 1645)
1778: William Hazlitt, writer (Maidstone, Kent; died 1830)
1794: Matthew Calbraith Perry, American naval officer (South Kingstown, RI; died 1858)
1829: William Booth, social reformer and founder of the Salvation Army (Nottingham, England; died 1912)
1847: Joseph Pulitzer, journalist/publisher (Budapest, Hungary; died 1911)
1882: Frances Perkins, secretary of labor and first U.S. woman cabinet member (Boston, MA; died 1965)
1915: Harry Morgan, actor (Detroit, MI)
1921: Chuck Connors, actor (Brooklyn, NY; died 1992)
1929: Max Von Sydow, actor (Lund, Sweden)
1932: Omar Sharif, actor (Alexandria, Egypt)
1934: David Halberstam, journalist/author (New York, NY)
1936: John Madden, football coach and sportscaster (Austin, MN)
1938: Don Meredith, football player and sportscaster (Mount Vernon, TX)
1941: Paul Theroux, novelist (Medford, MA)
1951: Steven Seagal, actor (Lansing, MI)
1954: Peter MacNichol, actor (Dallas, TX)
1959: Babyface (Kenneth Edmonds), singer/songwriter (Indianapolis, IN)
1984: Mandy Moore, musican/actress (Nashua, NH)
1988: Haley Joel Osment, actor (Los Angeles, CA)


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