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Sometimes, Change is Good

Slots.jpgApparently gamblers at the Sands Casino in Atlantic City, NJ didn’t just lose their money at the slot machines. A lot was lost underneath them too. After the casino closed on Nov. 11, 2006, movers collected $17,193.34 in tokens and loose change (and loose bills) from underneath 2,350 slot machines. The casino had been open for 26 years and some of the money had to be pried out of the floor. The casino’s new owners, Pinnacle Entertainment Inc., get to keep whatever is left after the New Jersey government takes 8% in taxes.

In recent years, most casinos have ditched the bucket and now use coinless slot machines that track winnings with paper tickets and barcodes. The Sands is slated to be demolished later this year and replaced with a new casino.

One Last Jackpot for Casino (AP)

The Money Guy from TangoPango's Flickr photo stream


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