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This Day In History: Mar. 5

This Day in History

1770: The Boston Massacre takes place, with British troops firing into a Boston mob, killing 5.
1868: The impeachment trial of Pres. Andrew Johnson begins.
1933: Newly inaugurated Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt declares a bank holiday, temporarily closing the nation's banks.
1946: Former British prime minister Sir Winston Churchill, speaking in Fulton, MO, states that "an iron curtain has descended" across Europe.
1953: Soviet leader Joseph Stalin dies in Moscow.
1955: Jazz musician and composer Charlie Parker plays publicly for the last time at Birdland, a New York City nightclub named in his honor.
1979: The space probe Voyager 1 encounters Jupiter, relaying data on its rings and moons.
2001: 15 year-old Charles Andrew Williams shoots 15 people -- 2 fatally -- at his high school in Santee, CA.
2002: Pres. George W. Bush imposes steel tariffs of up to 30 percent, angering the European Union and other members of the World Trade Organization.
2003: A Palestinian suicide bomber kills himself and 16 others on a Haifa bus.
2004: Home style entrepreneur Martha Stewart is convicted of conspiracy and obstruction of justice for lying to federal investigators about her sale of ImClone stock.

Today's Birthdays

1512: Gerhardus Mercator, cartographer/geographer (Rupelmonde, Belgium; died 1594)
1908: Rex Harrison, actor (Huyton, England; died 1990)
1934: James B. Sikking, actor (Los Angeles, CA)
1936: Dean Stockwell, actor (Los Angeles, CA)
1939: Samantha Eggar, actress (London, England)
1944: Paul Sand, actor (Los Angeles, CA)
1946: Michael Warren, actor (South Bend, IN)
1954: Marsha Warfield, actress (Chicago, IL)
1955: Penn Jillette, magician (Chicago, IL)
1978: Eva Mendes, actress (Houston, TX)


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