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This Day In History: Mar. 19

This Day in History

1918: Congress passes the Standard Time Act, authorizing standard time zones and establishing Daylight Savings Time.
1920: The Senate rejects the League of Nations Covenant.
1925: A devastating tornado kills 606 in Illinois.
1972: India and Bangladesh sign a 25-year friendship and mutual defense treaty.
1977: The final episode of the Mary Tyler Moore Show is aired on television.
2003: In an attempt to assassinate Iraqi Pres. Saddam Hussein, about 40 U.S. Tomahawk Missiles are fired at targets in Baghdad, the first shots in the invasion of Iraq.

Today's Birthdays

1589: William Bradford, Pilgrim and governor of Plymouth colony (Yorkshire, England; died 1657)
1813: David Livingstone, physician/missionary/explorer (Blantyre, Scotland; died 1873)
1847: William Pinkham Ryder, artist (New Bedford, MA; died 1917)
1848: Wyatt Earp, Western lawman/gunfighter/gambler (Monmouth, IL; died 1881)
1891: Earl Warren, chief justice of the Supreme Court (Los Angeles, CA; died 1974)
1904: John Sirica, judge during the Watergate trials (Waterbury, CT; died 1992)
1905: Albert Speer, Nazi architect (Germany, died 1981)
1906: Adolf Eichmann, Nazi leader (Germany; died 1962)
1928: Patrick McGoohan, actor (New York, NY)
1933: Philip Roth, novelist (Newark, NJ)
1936: Ursula Andress, actress (Bern, Switzerland)
1947: Glenn Close, actress (Greenwich, CT)
1955: Bruce Willis, actor (West Germany)


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