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This Day In History: Mar. 18

This Day in History

1931: Schick markets the first electric razor.
1962: France and Algerian FLN leaders sign a peace treaty ending the seven-year war and 130 years of French colonial rule.
1963: The Supreme Court rules that all criminal defendants must have counsel and that illegally acquired evidence is inadmissable in both state and federal courts.
1965: Soviet cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov makes the first spacewalk.
1974: Arab oil -producing countries lift their total ban on oil exports to the United States.
1995: Michael Jordan announces that he will return to basketball after a 17-month retirement.
2003: The British House of Commons votes 412-149 to authorize the use of force to oust Saddam Hussein.

Today's Birthdays

1782: John C. Calhoun, statesman/vice president of the United States (Abbeville District, SC; died 1850)
1837: Grover Cleveland, 22d and 24th president of the United States (Caldwell, NJ; died 1908)
1842: Stéphane Mallarmé, poet (France; died 1898)
1869: Neville Chamberlain, British prime minister (Britain; died 1940)
1926: Peter Graves, actor (Minneapolis, MN)
1927: George Plimpton, writer (New York, NY; died 2003)
1932: John Updike, novelist (Shillington, PA)
1936: Frederik Willem de Klerk, former South African president (Johannesburg, South Africa)
1939: Charley Pride, singer (Sledge, MS)
1941: Wilson Pickett, singer/songwriter (Prattville, AL; died 2006)
1956: Ingmar Stenmark, Olympic champion skier (Sweden)
1959: Irene Cara, singer/actress (New York, NY)
1963: Vanessa Williams, singer/actress (New York, NY)
1964: Bonnie Blair, Olympic champion speedskater (Cornwall, NY)
1970: Queen Latifah, rap singer/actress (East Orange, NJ)


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