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The World of Sword Swallowers

The 2007 World Almanac includes contact information for hundreds of associations and societies, but here's one that didn't make the cut:

If you’re a sword swallower and you wish to associate with other sword swallowers (and maybe get a few tips on how to avoid esophageal punctures while practicing your trade), then the Sword Swallowers Association International (SSAI) is the place for you. 1870s_UnknownSwordSwallower1.jpg

According to their mission statement:

SSAI is dedicated to networking existing sword swallowers around the world, promoting dialogue between sword swallowers, encouraging safe swordswallowing practices and techniques, and preserving and promoting the art of swordswallowing worldwide.
Sword swallowing takes dedication, a freakish sense of mind over matter, and an almost reckless courage. There are plenty of hazards in practicing the art, including painful death, and I'm sure that there aren’t many people in the world who can relate to those who shove steel blades down their gullets for a living. So it makes sense that sword swallowers have this type of international social network.

Click on the resources link and you'll be brought to a site affiliated with SSAI. There you can see x-ray pictures of people swallowing swords and find out about the history of sword swallowing.

Just remember:


Sword Swallowers Association International
Sword swallowers resources and history www.swordswallow.com
Sword Swallowing World Records
X-ray movie of a guy swallowing a sword

And just in case you were still tempted to try it: "Esophageal Perforation in a Sword Swallower" Texas Heart Institute Journal. 2001; 28(1): 65–68


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