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The Cliché Rotation Project

Nines.jpgSick of clichés? Working on the Almanac where every word needs to count, I’ve learned how much space they can take up without really conveying much of anything. Well Matthew Baldwin at the hilarious blog Defective Yeti is sick of them too. He has started the Cliché Rotation Project to replace worn-out sayings with newer, snappier, more relevant ones. Here are some of my favorites from the first batch of reader-submitted ideas:
Old Cliché
The blind leading the blind Enrolled in the Paris and Nicole Academy
Don't be a party-pooper Don't squeeze out your grumpies in public
It's a win-win situation Everyone gets ice cream!
Knuckle sandwich Boot soufflé
More fun than a barrel of monkeys
More fun than 20 yards of bubble wrap
Nice guys finish last
No one remembers Ivan the Wonderful
Playing second fiddle
Jeeves in a Google world
Click over to Defective Yeti to read more. If you have some ideas of your own, submit them. He’s looking to make this an ongoing project.

Flickr photo by DonnitaMae


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