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Shopping for the Digital Camera of Your Dreams

After years of shunning digital camera technology in favor of film, I recently broke down and bought a new digital SLR camera. As with all of my electronic equipment purchases, I did a lot of super-charged and obsessive research. camerafree.jpgFirst I sat down and figured out how I was going to use the device (people, places, lighting). I spoke with a few professional photographers and regular folk who own digital cameras. I read just about every product review and digital photography site I could find. Then I went into the store and test fired a few. Of course having handled my prospective purchases, I was forced to go back and review all the camera literature I had read to compare my opinions with those of the reviewers. The whole process took several months, and I think I lost weight.

One of the better camera research tools I came across was this handy-dandy questionnaire on www.imaging-resource.com. In my opinion, it does a particularly good job at helping you to narrow down your choices. It’s a bit on the long side, but it’s thorough. It asks everything from price range, to what you want to shoot, to what brands you generally like. It even gets into a good amount of the technical nitty gritty.

I pretty much knew which camera I was going to buy, but this questionnaire helped to confirm my opinion. So if you’re looking to purchase a digital camera, or you simply want to see if the device you’re shooting with is the digital camera of your dreams, check out the questionnaire at the links below.

Imaging Resource Digital Camera Advisor questionnnaire
Imaging Resource home page


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