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Calling All Librarians...

readingroom.jpgFirst, a smattering of World Almanac references from blogging librarians. Thanks to these folks and many others who regularly reference this blog and the World Almanac on their sites:

Lore Librarian
Subversive Librarian
...and the less-entertainingly named NYS SBDC Research Network

We've always known that the book holds a special place in the hearts (and ready reference shelves) of librarians. But strangely enough, we don't get many specific content suggestions from librarians, who I imagine are more intimately familiar with the contents of the World Almanac than the average reader...and those average readers have a lot to say about what we put into the book, and what we take out of it, each year.

So here's a request for the librarians in our audience: tell us what parts of the World Almanac you use most often... or what parts you've never used in all your years behind the reference desk... or what facts and statistics you think we've neglected for too long.

We're just getting into "Almanac season" now, mapping out the contents of the 2008 edition (yes, we do start this early in the year), and as always there is much debate about how to keep this classic reference book interesting, informative, useful, and relevant in the digital age. So let us know what you think, either in the comments or by e-mail, to cjoyce [at] waegroup.com. And spread the word!

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