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This Day in History: Feb. 3

This Day in History

1870: The 15th Amendment is ratified, stating that the right to vote cannot be denied by states or the federal government on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.
1913: The 16th Amendment is ratified, giving Congress the authority to impose an income tax.
1917: The United States cuts diplomatic ties with Germany following the sinking of the Housatonic by a German submarine.
1959: Rock and roll singer Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and "The Big Bopper" die in a plane crash in an Iowa cornfield.
1988: In the "Baby M" case, a New Jersey court rules that surrogate mother contracts that involve payments are illegal.
1998: A U.S. military aircraft severs a ski lift cable in Italy, causing 20 riders to plunge to their deaths.
2002: In football , the underdog New England Patriots shock the St. Louis Rams with a last-minute field goal to win Super Bowl XXXVI 20-17.

Today's Birthdays

1809: Felix Mendelssohn, composer (Germany; died 1847)
1811: Horace Greeley, newspaper editor and presidential candidate (Amherst, NH; died 1872)
1821: Elizabeth Blackwell, first woman physician (near Bristol, England; died 1910)
1874: Gertrude Stein, writer/critic (Allegheny, PA; died 1946)
1894: Norman Rockwell, artist/illustrator (New York, NY; died 1978)
1907: James Michener, novelist (New York, NY; died 1997)
1909: Simone Weil, philosopher (France; died 1943)
1918: Joey Bishop, actor (Bronx, NY)
1940: Fran Tarkenton, football quarterback (Richmond, VA)
1944: Blythe Danner, actress (Philadelphia, PA)
1945: Bob Griese, football quarterback and sportscaster (Evansville, IN)
1950: Morgan Fairchild, actress (Dallas, TX)
1959: Thomas Calabro, actor (Brooklyn, NY)


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